Using #PAUSEforChoice to create heart intelligent experiences at the moment it counts most.


Every day, all day, we make choices. Some are routine or mundane like what to wear or what route to drive to work.  Some choices are social like who do I have lunch with, who to call for advice or what to do after work. Still other choices are to create solutions. These decisions can emerge out of crises or ongoing problems that must be solved.  The fact is we choose constantly. We make decisions thousands of times every day. And mostly, we choose unconsciously.

Failures in customer and employee experiences have this in common: unconscious, closed-hearted choices affecting the very people who are the reason why an organization exists. Any and every member of an organization can PAUSE long enough to CONNECT, LISTEN and RESPOND in an empowered way that exceeds a expectations.



Wouldn’t it be cool if life worked like a video player giving you more control of any moment in an instant? What if you just had your own personal “PAUSE” button? You do! You have the ability to Pause For Choice, at any moment.

The Powerful Pause


PAUSE Techniques:

  • Shallow, deliberate breath

  • Mental mantra of just one word you repeat before speaking

  • Count to three

  • Listen for a word, sound or thought before answering

  • Snap a rubber band on your wrist

  • Feel for your heart beat

  • “Take a second. Take a breath.  For our patient’s sake, take a PAUSE.“



When another person is speaking, most people spend most of their attention preparing a reaction.  Little is heard and less is understood.  Or worse, mind-chatter prevents hearing altogether.

The Powerful Pause


LISTENING Techniques:

  • Make face contact (eyes and mouth)

  • Feel the energy between you and other

  • Watch for non-verbal messages (facial expression, body movements)

  • Paraphrase what you heard



Our heart is a transmitter and receiver, creating an empowered “heart field”.  With Pause For Choice, we access and connect hearts through empathy, compassion and love. And everything can change for the better regardless of the problem or solution to follow.

Our intentions, thoughts and feelings are felt by others whether we are mentally aware of that – or not – through this heart energy field.  When two or more people are communicating, there are more than words exchanged.  Their heart fields interact at carrying levels.

The Powerful Pause


CONNECTING Techniques:

  • Practice heart coherence (heart rate variability managed)

  • Name the core feeling experienced after pausing

  • Is the connection a push (repelling) or pull (connecting)?



Our soul is speaking to us. Our heart wants to share its senses and heart intelligence. If we are like almost everyone else, our mind is racing to ‘survive the moment’ by serving up alternatives and answers at lightning speed. However, the racing mind eclipses the greater power we have by using all of or potential power – spirit, mind, emotions and body – to make decisions.

Life’s most embarrassing, guilty or shameful moments have one thing in common: reactions regretted. Failed moments of truth in customer or employee experiences are not procedural; they are typically reactions that were inappropriate, dispassionate or disheartening.  Inserting the PAUSE in particular before reacting allows us choose how to RESPOND.


“Everyone has immediate access to their own wisdom, as well as a wealth of resources available from the organization waiting to be tapped, with just a brief pause.”
~ Lane Michel