Entering the Prosperity Paradigm

Entering the Prosperity Paradigm

Henry Ford is quoted as saying: “Whether you think your can or think your can’t, you’re right.”

Have you ever abandoned a desire or a dream simply because you believed you didn’t have what it takes, or because you did not believe in your ability to create a life that you desired?

Have you had money flow in, and flow back out just as quickly? Or perhaps have you been turned down for a dream job, that you were in fact very qualified for, but it went to someone else?


Life doesn’t just happen for “some” people, it happens for everyone. The difference between where you are and where you want to be is not your background, your socio-economic status, or even the economy. It’s your focus, pure and simple.

Take part in the biggest money experiment in almost one hundred years creating personal freedom! From the individual to the corporate team, this program will help you get to the core of your own distinctive traits regarding not only your relationship with money, your relationship with life.

Entering the Prosperity Paradigm challenges and supports as you work through outmoded beliefs, and upgrade your mind, to your own ideal life, as it works to remove your own self-imposed money blocks and to replace with a near constant flow of better feelings and attitudes regarding it.

The program is designed to work in several ways:

  1. The Personal Program with the playbook. You can work at your own pace through the playbook, completing each module as time allows for you.
  2. The Personal Program with playbook and recordings. Add in (3) 10-minute meditations, to anchor the modules of the playbook at a subconscious
  3. The above, plus private sessions with Coach Karen to assist you in keeping on task for the 6 weeks of this program. Karen will kick off each module with you and make a weekly on target call, includes unlimited texting.
  4. Group Play includes a private Facebook room with you and your friends/family as you support one another in reaching your dreams.
  5. On-Site Corporate Program. This program is designed for Managers to get the most out of their sales teams to set new sales records that benefit everyone.

No matter which program you choose, you will never think about money in the same manner again.