Purpose is a magnetic attractor to the support, wisdom and relationships that collaborate with us to live a fulfilling life. If people pay more attention to their purpose compass, they can feel more powerful and confident in making choices, acting and achieving superior results collectively.

The Key Principles

  • Pleasure and passion won’t access or sustain people’s greatest power
  • Purpose is what animates and impels people to go beyond limiting beliefs
  • Patterns to people’s choices quickly help discover, remember and define purpose
  • The daily adventure will eclipse heart adventure (purpose) if left unchecked
  • Directionally right, roughly correct keeps purpose in action

The Powering Purpose Program

Coaches and trainers utilize out program materials, facilitation process and coaching tools to work with groups of people.

The topics covered in varying degrees based on group needs are:

  1. Finding Your Signature Purpose
  2. Identifying Patterns of Success
  3. Defining Values as Pillars that Bring Purpose to Life
  4. Aligning Purpose & Values with Heart
  5. Visualization Ignites Purpose in People and Groups
  6. Build Purposeful Vision
  7. Authentically Living from Purpose