PAUSE. That little button on your video player turns out to be like the most powerful tool you have at your disposal. You can change your life for the better in an instant with a PAUSE.

Pause For Choice

The simple act of pushing that double-bar button puts you in control of the scene playing out in front of your eyes. Did you miss some image or dialogue? Hit pause, then go back and see it again. Something distracting you from the scene you are watching? Hit pause, then start it again when you can focus better. Have to get away from an intense scene? Hit pause. Choose when and if you continue watching. It would be cool if life worked like a video player giving you more control in an instant. If you just had your own personal “PAUSE” button… right?

You do! You have the ability to PAUSE. We all can. There are very few situations where there is no chance to pause. Short of imminent physical harm, you can hit pause in nearly every situation you may find yourself in throughout the day. Every time you confront a choice, you should pause.

We are choosers.

Every day, all day, we make choices. Some are mundane like what to wear, what to eat or what route to drive to work or school. Some are social like who do I have lunch with, who to call for advice or what to do after work. Still other decisions are to create solutions. These decisions can emerge out of crises, ongoing problems or even be a response to our own mind’s chatter. We choose constantly. We make decisions thousands of times every day. And mostly, we choose unconsciously.
Inserting a pause before reacting or responding gives immediate access to your own wisdom. It’s right there waiting to be tapped. Your soul is speaking to you. Your heart wants to share its senses and heart intelligence. If you are like almost everyone else, your mind is racing to ‘survive the moment’ by serving up alternatives and answers at lightning speed. However, the racing mind eclipses the greater power you have by using all of you – spirit, mind, emotions and body – to make decisions. By not using the pause, you cut yourself off from so much of what truly makes you human. By not bringing all of yourself to any choice at any moment, you then rely mostly on your ego and mind to think, speak and act. However, to make decisions that serve the highest good and further your journey through your life purpose, you need to access all of your abilities by inserting a pause before reacting to any situation.

Practice the pause and you will instantly be amazed at how much more aware you are of what decisions you are making. Practice more and better answers come faster.

How do you insert the pause?

The pause can be a shallow breath. It can be a mental mantra of just one word you repeat before speaking. You can count to three. You can blink your eyes. Listen for a word, sound or thought before answering. Snap a rubber band on your wrist. Feel for your heart beat. There are as many ways to pause as there are people on the planet.

I press my tongue against the top of my mouth, taken an easy breath, or scan my space before responding to name a few pauses. My pause techniques all have one thing in common: they stop the scene just long enough to make a conscious choice of what to say or do. Often, that pause also changes my perception of what is happening, taking in more information and becoming more aware of what decision (if any) needs to be made.

Be creative with your pause. Always listen after the pause. Just try it out.
You won’t be disappointed.

~ Coach Lane Michel