Spring is my favorite season. The promise of renewal after a long Midwest winter is always a delight for the senses. Trees are beginning to bud; flowers begin to burst forth through the recently softened soil. It’s a time of refreshing growth that beautifully clashes with the starkness of what was.

Plant Seeds

I am reminded of the abundance all around me as nature will always thrive, even the weeds. So to, like our thoughts, often overabundant on worry, lack, and fear. How do we dispose of these unwanted thoughts? Choice. We have the power to choose one thought over another, aligning with the best of the thoughts to produce the best of events.

Choosing is Like Fertilizer

Choice is giving much-needed sustenance to the newly planted thought. Continuing to choose better feeling thoughts are like a daily gentle rain, nurturing deep roots and stopping the weeded thought from sprouting even further.

Plant Seeds

Abundance is our nature, and our weeds are feelings of not enough, worrying about not enough and fear of not enough. We at VeraHeart are rolling out a new paradigm in thinking when it comes to lack in the prosperity area, offering excited accountability along with implementation leadership, refining your toolset to begin laying the foundation for a better life, the one you have always desired to live.

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Here is to your emerging growth!