A growing number of forward-thinking organizations are looking to source a new kind of energy in teams and earn a new form of loyalty with employees. A revolutionary model is emerging that supports people bringing their whole true self to work. Empowerment is not as important today because organizations must turn over the power of the organization to the people. Engagement, authentic personal and team energy, and self-management are becoming the critical practices that enable transformative results.

Step-Up the Power and Consciousness of Your Company’s Culture

You can create an environment and an organizational culture where your people come to work engaged, bringing their whole being and true self to their job. It all begins with heart. Engaging the hearts of individual employees has never been more critical for results. Expanding your employees’ heart connections — to people they work with and to the purpose for your business — has a natural consequence of those employees then showing heart when they work with their customers (your customers).

Row of business people listening to presentation at seminar with focus on smiling woman looking at camera

Many companies have experimented with changing their culture or aligning purpose and people for increased growth. Most are still wondering how they can create a practical and sustainable people development program that creates new habits that work better for people and the company. At the core of what is needed right now is people-powered culture change. This is what we call Peopture ™.

Unleash People-Powered Culture

Creating truly transformative results today can only come from people being free to bring their whole being to work. Economies of scope, efficiencies of scale, new markets and unique products are often exhausted or just a price of remaining in business. The greatest potential of all has always been the people who choose to be a part of your business. That potential is rarely realized as every employee wears a mask when they enter work, interact with customers or work in their teams. The mask they wear filters out soul, spirit, emotions, passions, beliefs and values that are deeply meaningful to each person. But, these aspects of people as employees has been too soft, too feminine, too touchy and definitely too uncontrollable to deal with in organizations where all the power is at the top.

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People are fed up with being controlled. More people each day are distanced from their work, disengaged from their feelings and leaving behind their hopes at least while at work.

The opportunity for organizations, profit and non-profit alike, is to begin including the expectations and journey to include employees’ authentic passion, intuition and heart intelligence in their everyday work. Closing the gap between who people are at work, home and play will create a new source of growth and sustainability.

We call it Peopture ™ — which means people acting in wholeness to create and support a directed culture change in your organization.

People-Powered Culture Change

With a Peopture ™, individuals are free to bring everything to work… their passion, intuition, creative and heart intelligence that create organizational power and transformative results never obtained before. Fostering the wholeness in your people will:

• Inspire your people and teams to flourish through a freedom born through authentic relationships
• Unleash untapped potential by closing the gap between who people are at work, home and play.
• Expand the heart of your organization to better serve your customers and employees.

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VeraHeart offers the Power 7 Series to organizations of all sizes; lasting change to the people and their teams that expands the heart of the organization itself to unleash specific critical results needed by your company. The formula includes workshops, self-paced daily activities and personal coaching over a sustained period of time that creates new personal habits, team transformation and enables a people-powered culture.

Learn more about the Power 7 Series for your organization. Contact us today for a quote or more information.  We will work with you to tailor our program to transform your teams and unleash the power of your people.