It’s Time for Self-Help to Get Help

The Power Series


We strive every day to make a contribution that has a positive impact that helps people fulfill their life purpose. In doing so, we discovered the four things have to be in place in order for anyone to make a change in their daily behaviors and habits.

Clear choice… the decision to make a specific change

It is hard to step outside of ourselves, set aside our ego, look at all the uglies and pretties of our life, then have faith that we can make (and sustain) changes we might choose. It is nearly impossible and often futile to start any self-improvement effort without being clear about the decision to make a specific change. We build far too many layers of reinforcement to hold safe our current ways… even if it isn’t what we want. A choice to change, to improve our self, is a decision worthy of our full power and our vulnerability to examine anything preventing success.

Access to great materials… the experience from those who succeeded before you

A statement on the progress of making information available to us in 2003 noted that “humans will create more information in the form of data in the next two days than was created in all of history (up until that day). Yes, but… how much of that information would we trust with our choice to change our life? We are learning to be intelligent and find the truth. Give it a test first.  (This is why we offer a “TRY IT” version of VeraHeart materials to see if they resonate with you!)

Winning formula… the methodical, inspirational and achievable journey to follow

Why do we see so many “XX Day Challenge” offerings in the health and fitness industry? It’s simple. They can package up a formula that takes you through a journey to predictable results that deliver on your choice for improving your health, your body, your vitality, etc. The bottom line is that if you choose to commit to the 14 consecutive day “challenge” in any of the VeraHeart guided self-improvement programs available today, you will succeed in establishing new behaviors and habits that make the specific change you desire.

Guided support from a coach… the voice of accountability, guidance and inspiration

The vast sea of self-help books, videos and apps don’t reach their full potential for success in helping a person create new daily behaviors and habits that manifest a choice to change. The reason is that one or more of these four key ingredients are missing. In nearly everything self-help , the coaching is left up to you. So, you would really need to be a good “self-coach” before diving into any self-improvement journey. But, it is extremely rare to find a person who can be an honest witness to their own behavior, habits and unconscious choices. A coach can be given that role and voice.

Remember that choice, not chance, leads to a fulfilling life. Lining up the four key ingredients to support your choice is the hallmark of success for improvement. The new generation of self-improvement is “guided personal development” from VeraHeart.  Contact us today to start your journey to a more fulfilling life.

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