MANIFESTING - Transforming Negative Thoughts and Behaviors into Positive Ones

Negative thoughts and behaviors separate us from our own power. Negativity amplifies our fears. It blocks our true heart and soul connection within. We become surrounded by and attract more negativity and this “negative loop” cuts us off from others. Negativity generates the desire to “force” things to an outcome generated through our own personal agenda. As we feel smaller, less powerful, the negative loop created takes a stronger hold over us leading to more intense negative emotions and behaviors. Life becomes lived by mere chance – the fortunes are with us or not. At some point, even the idea that we can choose to live with positive thoughts and behaviors can seem unrealistic.

Positive beliefs, thoughts and intentions are the fertile ground required to connect to our power to manifest what we want. Transforming negative thoughts and behaviors into the positive is a skill everyone can achieve.

Making the choice to be positive begins “attraction action.” We don’t have to be a slave to negative thoughts. However, we don’t get to just choose to be positive – or choose something to manifest – and then sit back and wait for it to happen. Once we take responsibility and action to be positive, we immediately begin attracting two things:

1. Support to be positive
2. Adversity or tests that invite us to return to negative.

The key is to know the difference and then put our faith, trust and attention on the support that is present to be positive. Each day, spending time attracting support brings more rewards. Once we are committed to our choice to be positive and live in our power, the adversity and tests begin to fall away.

It’s actually easy to practice attracting support to be positive.

• Make a conscious choice to begin each and every day positively.
• Experience different ways to invite and attract support to be positive.
• We have provided some “Attraction Action” exercises below for you to try.
• Whatever works, keep doing it.
• Make that a part of the daily routine.
• Celebrate and enjoy when support to be positive arrives.



(taken from VeraHeart’s The Power to Manifest the Good Life Program)

Allowing the Best – Observe your thoughts for ten minutes, recording with tick marks how many are negative or positive or neutral. Negative or neutral thoughts won’t create miracles. Now watch your thoughts throughout the day.

Abundance Dance – Write a list of five ways in which abundance can appear for you today. For each way, imagine your delighted reaction when the abundant event occurs. Feel the joy in receiving the gift of being positive. Do a happy dance!

Listening to Intuition – “If I had just followed my intuition!?” We’ve all exclaimed that one. Take just two minutes right now. Listen to nothing. Take three deep breaths. Don’t pay any attention to busy thoughts you normally process in your mind. Feel your heart beat. Now record any thoughts that feel different or positive or unexpected.

Fear Begets Fear – What may be your greatest fear holding back manifesting what you want? Take a separate piece of paper and in one quick minute write a list of fears that come to mind. Don’t go longer. Now add “fear of success”. Holding the paper say “I release every fear!” out loud then destroy the paper in a show of power. Be creative (and safe please) in your destruction of fear.

Imagining Backwards – Pick one thing you want to manifest in your life. Now place yourself in the future at the very moment you realize that you have manifest what you wanted fully. Begin imaging the steps that happened tracing backwards from that future moment of manifestation back to today.

Dream Time – Do you recall a dream you had recently that has stuck with you? Dreams are often symbolic. Our minds use symbols to teach, remind or even organize experiences. What is your dream trying to tell you?

Happy, Happy, Joy, Joy – Shift your mind right now to a happy place. There are times when getting out of a negative space or thoughts are just too difficult. Or is it? Simply divert your mind’s attention by quickly recording a streamed list of the happiest moments in your life. (If you get stuck, think of someone you love and their happiest moments).

The Power to Manifest the Good Life Program

Manifesting is less about “having” things and more about positively opening to all that is ready to help us achieve why we have this precious life. We truly cannot even imagine how people, events and things can so quickly arrive to help us have a fulfilling life. “You just can’t write this stuff” has become such a common expression today in awe of the synchronicities, messages, miracles and gifts that arrive to propel some people forward. What do these people have in common? Each is positively attracting support. They are unlocking their ability to manifest the life they came here to live.

We can too!

Try the “Attraction Action” experiences. They are tools to hold positive beliefs, thoughts and behaviors each and every day.  If some of these resonate, take the Power to Manifest the Good Life program to live your choice to transform negative thoughts and behaviors into positive ones.

~ Coach Lane Michel