There is no greater way to be in your full power, to be an energetic battery, than to feel love for what you do, what is around you, and who you are. Whether at work, home or at play you can have a conscious power of love that increases your resilience, awareness and determination. Who would argue with having that kind of presence at work?

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Feeling love in all ways at work is not only possible, it is the one thing that can make your work life gain the ultimate significance. To have work aligned with your heart and passion for why you even exist is the ultimate dream. Most people still balk at the idea that any of us could actually enjoy or even love what we do for work. They relegate work to that thing we do to earn money to afford to live or have the things we want. Work becomes a limiting experience. Work becomes that thing dreaded for Monday morning, getting over the hump on Wednesday, and finally being happy to have Friday over. People who get to work at what they love are a rarity. Others who know them can’t figure out whether to be jealous or to dismiss it as a delusion.

Loving your job is simply too simplistic. Loving who you are, loving what you do at work and loving the people who you work with all day are all a part of “loving work.”

Loving Who You Are

Spending just a little time each day to be grateful begins the process of loving work. When you can routinely feel one thing to be grateful for about yourself, about your organization and about your work environment, you have taken a big leap toward first loving who you are. Gratitude is the super-energizer of sharing love and the critical foundation for loving yourself. All of the Power 7 Series from VeraHeart include exercises for sourcing and expressing gratitude for that reason.

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Compassion becomes the next ingredient to loving who you are. The Dali Lama said “If you want others to be happy, practice compassion. If you want to be happy, practice compassion.” To access your power to bring love to work, learn to have compassion for yourself. This builds the energetic muscles that also deliver compassion to others. Compassion can be explored in spirit, mind, emotion and body as well as for nature, animals, children and the elderly. Having many ways to feel compassion places you in a feeling of peace. Whether peace or love comes first, who cares? They are close allies in self-love.

When you source gratitude and compassion for yourself, you are on a path to loving who you are and being someone who others can more easily love.

Loving What You Do at Work

Clarity for why you are alive is the key to aligning your growing love for yourself and loving what you do at work. Your purpose for being, why you matter in this world, is wrapped all around the practice of working on what you love to do. When you are doing anything that fulfills your reason for being you have seemingly limitless energy.

Nearly everyone has experienced a time in their life when the power to accomplish something huge is somehow magically and readily available. We feel like a child again charging after our passion. Nothing will stop us. Impossible is not in our vocabulary. Excitement spreads to others. It is like a force of nature unleashed on our objective. It feels so good to just pursue the objective and even better when the objective is achieved after the effort.

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You spend much of your adult life doing things that develop skills and talents. It may seem like your work activity is unrelated to your passion and purpose. However, if you look deeper you may see a pattern of natural talent or a propensity to attract certain tasks and projects. These patterns are telling a story of the unique purposeful skills you have assembled that can be unleashed to fulfill more of your purpose.

Take a skills inventory by inviting others to offer their observation of your unique talents and where you have been the most successful. Make your own list too. Then look at your jobs, projects and tasks to uncover the story of how you have been accumulating the tools to live your purpose. If you don’t like your discovered pattern, decide to change it. In that decision to continue or change the pattern is your power to choose to love your work. No one else is responsible for your life purpose choice. Likewise, no one else is responsible for your work choice. This is an important key to your power at work, home and play.

Loving the People Who You Work With

When an organization supports a people-powered culture, the benefit is a workforce that learns to be open, truthful, vulnerable, determined and aligned like never before. Authors such as Frederick Laloux (Reinventing Organizations), Scott Lochridge and Jennifer Rosenzweig (Enlightenment Incorporated), and Brian Robertson (Holacracy) have been heralding the way to a revolutionary model that has emerged that supports people bringing their whole true self to work. Empowerment is no longer important because these organizations turn over the power of the organization to the people. Engagement, personal and team energy, and self-management are becoming the critical practices that enable transformative results.

In a work environment where no manager is watching over your shoulder judging your performance, there is room for true accountability that emerges only from loving what you do and who you work with. Responsibility may feel foreign because the truth today in nearly all organizations is we aren’t actually asked to be broadly responsible for our team, the organization mission and ourselves. But, that kind of responsibility is aligned with living your purpose. That kind of responsibility gets more comfortable when your heart is engaged, your energy is uplifted by your work results, and you manage how you achieve your commitments with the support of your coworkers as partners to achieve a common goal.

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The people you work with will be more closely supportive and interested in you, as you will be more interested in them. Their work and life story becomes an important part of your helping them succeed. And they will care about you, too. In that caring, in that compassion, in that mutual drive for results, the amount of love that can be shared at work is grown. The mask that you wear today that separates work from home and play falls away. You can be truly you. You get a chance to be more of a whole being all day long, closing the gap that is created today the moment you mask out parts of who you are to earn a living.

Finding your way to love the people who you work with, love what you do, and love yourself throughout each day is a way to earn a life. Work that earns a living needs now to be integrated in the pursuit of a fulfilling life.

~ Coach Lane Michel