I always thought that journaling meant sitting (preferably in a comfy chair) and writing in a book with something inspirational on the covers or maybe beautiful flowers. Anything else didn’t count.

Journal Writing Without Pen & Paper

Now, I am a big proponent of journaling, yet I often find the thought of picking up a pen and writing to be an unwelcome chore – I don’t like to journal! So it was with some discomfort back in December when I began the Power to Manifest The Good Life program which required daily journaling. On Day 2, I happened to have my laptop with me in the library when I remembered I still needed to do that day’s exercise, so to get it over with I “wrote” it electronically. And then a lightening bolt struck – I actually enjoyed doing the exercise!!!

What was different? My thoughts flowed, yet I didn’t find myself becoming aggravated – in actuality, I was a little bit excited. I realized that it was much easier for me to capture my thoughts and ideas using a keyboard rather than pen and paper.

Chances are I’ll be the only person to ever read what I journal, however, I still have to use proper grammar and spell correctly as if being written for an English Comp class. I can’t do that when I write by hand – my mind is racing too fast to keep up. But, when I used my laptop, I could type a few key words and then I could go back and make it substantial. And if a thought popped into my head in the middle of another one, well, I could add that as well. Because I could edit it to my heart’s content. If I was being graded, I’d get an A+!

Whatever method or tool you select, journaling your experience is truly critical to getting the most out of any of our programs.

~ Coach Jen Mason