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Join the VeraHeart Coach Team

Looking to join a team of committed, intuitive, personally successful and inspiring coaches?



Since the creation of VeraHeart in 2014, our intriguing constellation of independent coaches and consultants has remained tightly connected. Each team member has unique talents and an amazing life journey. We learn together. We bring together important concepts for engaging people’s heart, mind and soul to help organizations create fulfilling cultures, work and results. We are always networking to grow our influence. We’d love to hear from you, speak with you and let a new relationship unfold.




We envision pods of VeraHeart affiliated coaches throughout the world.  Each self-managed pod is part of the VeraHeart team. Each coach joining VeraHeart has a business platform, growing network, experiential impactful programs and transformative tools to utilize with clients (whether for business or personal growth). Any team member who has developed their own methodology, program and tools can have that licensed to the entire VeraHeart network as an additional stream of income. We will begin certifying coaches who demonstrate proficiency in our models, programs and implementations.



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