She walked into the hotel conference room for our workshop with urgent exhaustion.  Since she was arriving only a few moments before the workshop start, the room was full.  She swooped in and found the open seat at the front of the room, dropping too many bags hanging off her shoulders with a flourish of excitement and heavy sighs.  I watched with amusement at how those paying attention to her were confused and suddenly a little lower in energy.

workshop audience

The hurried setup of her seating area continued with her cell phone connected to power, three pens and paper placed at ready position, enormous eco water bottle crashing down on the table and laptop opened with email already active and pinging her.  The room became quieter not because it was the start time for the workshop, but at the wide range of emotions and judgments at the scene unfolding.  It was not over either.  She closed her eyes and took a greatly exaggerated breath that seemed to develop into a yoga position in her seat.  I witnessed the entire room now focusing up front in a range of emotions that included confused, irritated, angry and compassionate. The room seemed to feel a bit colder too.  Then her eyes burst open wide, I felt my body step back a half step without moving, and she smiled as if her entire existence had just arrived and jumped six levels of energy higher.  But, the room remained cold. And it was time to start the workshop.

I was grateful to her.  This particular workshop had everything to do with our human energy (#HumanEnergy).  Everyone there that day, including this woman, would experience what it was like to have the tools to manage their personal energy and to increase the energy of the entire room of people.

Just a Little More Consciousness Please

If you are ready to learn how to manage your own energy system, you likely had some personal life challenge or crisis that showed you things are out of control.  Perhaps you have been nudged by spirit and synchronicities to find new sources of personal energy.  Some of us are self-improvement driven, discovering a new thread of knowledge or understanding from science, spirit or ancient wisdom practices that caused us to become aware that we need to better learn how human energy works.  Whether through crisis or curiosity, we are becoming more conscious that instructions exist for our human energy system. This opens the door to new avenues of thriving in our constantly changing world.

Scientific research and spiritual practices are coming into agreement that we are truly more about energy potential than merely a biological body housing a sentient mind.  The whole human is body, mind, emotion and spirit.  The unifying element that enables us to be human is the movement of energy. Our brain is not the master organ. Our heart drives our human energy. Our heart-field is real, transmitting and receiving all day long. Our energy capacity can be managed, grown and sustained for longer life, greater health and vitality, increased consciousness and clarity and superior presence in times of crises. Our emotions are a key determinant of our human energy.

Emotions are Key

Having spent the better part of a decade exploring, facing, embracing and managing my human emotions, my experiences match what science and spiritual practices are showing us.  Our emotions are key to our being human.  Gentlemen, emotions are not our enemy or a sign of weakness.  Ladies, your ability to be emotionally vulnerable is not a weakness.


Our emotions are intrinsically a part of our biology, mental processes and spiritual connections.  Our emotional range is perfectly adapted to thrive in the human experience.  By “range” I mean the structure and array of emotions we experience every day.  Nearly all of us are ill-equipped to understand how our emotions affect us. What can we do to become masters of the range of emotional choices we have?

The basic structure of how our emotions work is simply “opposites.”  The range of emotions we experience can be placed on a continuum from heavy and depleting to lighter and renewing.  The depleting emotions are those we have incorrectly been taught are to be avoided.  They feel negative and bad, so we learn “don’t go there.”  Boys are still judged by adults and peers as weak if they show too much emotion, cry or express heavy emotions.  Girls learning about their emotions and expression can quickly be judged by adults and peers as self-involved or a “bitch” if they are honest in sharing their emotions, cry too much or have “too many” heavy emotions. These generational learned and handed down judgments on human emotions are completely off-base. These beliefs limit every aspect of our being.

Our bodies are capable of being in greater harmony, health and power by working with the full range of emotions we will and should experience.

Our minds are wracked with programming that works extremely hard to disguise, reduce or eliminate undesirable emotions.

Our spirit is demanding more love, peace and compassion with too little receptivity because that requires a greater awareness and intelligent management of our emotions.

As the workshop participants experienced, the impact of emotions can work both to deplete or increase personal and group energy.  They became pointedly aware of a greater range of emotions. Everyone’s specific triggers and emotions experienced are uniquely personal.  And yet, we all can learn both the language of emotions and the processes by which we can move to a more consciously competent way of choosing to shift the emotions triggered by any experience.

Your Heart is at the Center of Human Energy

Our heart is at the center of how emotions regulate our psychophysiology. Whether we sense something from our environment, another person or within our being, emotions are triggered through our heart.  Scientific research has been catching up with spiritual practices.

  • Each of us has 40,000 neurons in our heart

  • The electro-magnetic field of our heart extends at least 3 feet outward

  • We transmit and receive continuously through our heart-field

  • Our feeling heart is continually signaling our brain

  • One emotion experienced can launch up to 1,400 biochemical reactions and hormonal changes in our body

  • Those changes in our body can last up to 12 hours after the emotion is experienced

  • Through intelligent management of our heart-mind connection, we can manage our human energy quite effectively

biochemical reactions


Did You Know that You are a Human Battery?

Emotions are a key tool for managing our energy. Our heart is the doorway that is unlocked with that key.  And with a more conscious heart, the next tool is for increasing our capacity to build and hold energy.

In the workshop, the energy of the room had dropped so noticeably that the temperature actually felt cold.  The participants actually felt depleted or cold.  And I couldn’t have asked for a better situation to demonstrate how energy can be quickly built and held.  With just one technique called “Quick Coherence” developed by the Institute of HeartMath, participants began feeling renewed and amazed that even the room temperature felt warmer.

That shift is the result of establishing greater coherence between heart, mind and emotions.  Once that communication is restored and more in sync, then several avenues to increase energy are enabled.  The analogy is a rechargeable battery.  Once the battery is being utilized, the energy in the battery is being drained until it can no longer support the device it is fueling.  Simply plugging the rechargeable battery into a power source fills it back up to be re-used. Fortunately, we humans are rechargeable.  And even better, we don’t have to let our energy reserves drain out to recharge.

Heart Coherence

Through an array of techniques that can easily be learned, we can establish higher and higher levels of “Coherence.” HeartMath defined this as an optimal state in which our heart, mind and emotions are aligned and in sync.  Our immune, hormonal and nervous systems function in a state of energetic coordination.  This is when our natural mechanisms for increasing and efficiently regulating our energy reserves work fully to support health, vitality and even longevity.

Ask yourself:

  • Am I able to instantly access my ability to raise my energy?

  • When, where and why am I feeling depleted and drained?

  • How am I charging my battery during the day… at night?

Increasing Human Energy Takes Mindfulness and Heartfulness

Once the initial tools are learned to increase our energy, five natural steps open to us that enable greater integration of our entire human energy system:

  1. Pause… breathe into your heart to activate your natural mechanism for building energy

  2. Appreciate… radiate that feeling within and outside yourself

  3. Listen… intuition, intelligence and emotions are tools more readily available with increased energy

  4. Connect… what are you transmitting and receiving through your heart-field?

  5. Choose… improved health, decision-making, communication and relationships result from bringing all of you to each day.

Your body, mind, emotions and spirit are an integrated energy system.  While our energy system is pretty damn impressive, it is challenged to keep up with the energy demands of our lives.  It’s worth exploring, learning what you don’t know about your human energy, and gaining better tools to increase your energy.  There may be no more important choice to make today.

~ Coach Lane Michel