Love is energy.

Love is a pervasive energy that is far more powerful than fear, hate, pain or anger. We all can access the energy of love instantly. It cannot be withheld or controlled. This powerful energy is so pervasive that we never need to take love from another. What we recognize as “love” grows as we learn to give it more freely and receive it more gratefully. Love is what keeps our heart beating and our soul thriving. Love is energy for life.

Imperfect Loving

Pure love is recognizable instantly. Our hearts melt when we read the warming story of another human being acting selflessly, without hesitation, to help a stranger. Random acts of kindness spark a loving response even if for just an instant. The energy of love flows through a cute giggle of a small child experiencing some wonder that delighted them. Love is easy to feel in the compassion of a close friend calling when you need it most. It is what we do with this perfect love energy that defines our life experience.

Loving is imperfect.

What makes one person attractive to another are the imperfections. Michael Meade wrote, “People fall in love because the imperfections in each allow them to fit together.” Like cogs in a wheel that fit and helps each other turn, awareness of our imperfections is a part of loving. At the core of loving one another is understanding and respecting these differences. A loving relationship relies heavily on embracing our differences. Not just because we have to get past differences to find something of a relationship treasure. It is the differences themselves that are one of the most important parts of loving another. We have to discover the “fit” that brings us together.

Our relationships are our teachers. We attract and choose our relationships either to experience something deep within our self or to love another enough to help them experience something deep within their self.

Love is a mirror.

While we as people become adept at spotting what’s “wrong” with other people, we do not realize that what we see very often mirrors what is inside our self. Every time we identify what is ugly about another person, the first thing we should be doing is looking within to see that very “ugly” thing inside us. But, we fall short at truly owning our “wrong” traits. We even erroneously characterize imperfections as “wrong” traits. The gift of mirroring in a loving relationship is that it allows us to explore the truth… of who we are inside and out.

The Act of Imperfect Loving

Loving is exploring the depths of who we all are as human beings. On the path to our “self”, we can experience the depth of who we truly are and we can touch our soul. By our nature, that requires experiencing imperfect loving relationships. Simply put, the act of imperfect loving is the journey to discovering why we are living this life.


~ Coach Lane Michel