The ability to imagine our most profound life changes does not reside within the confines of our mind.

There is an old Greek saying that the man is the head of the house, but the wife is the neck that turns the man’s head where she wants. In the case of imagination, the mind is “the man” and the heart is “the wife.” A mind-created image of the future without engaging our heart to set direction lacks the inspiration and depth of imagination needed to create what we want. We should be giving our heart what it wants, what it knows is right. But, today, our minds are too much in control of our imagination and actions.


Everything in “reality” must be imagined first. Our mind is very capable of creating sophisticated scenarios, solutions, and methods. We mistake these creations for inspiration or the fullness of our true imagination capability as human beings. We are able to take a number of simple blocks and construct a more complex structure through the capability of our amazing mind. We are able to take a set of instructions and complex them even more to create highly intricate and interdependent systems that can serve to support civilization. Our mind imagination is most often the “complexor” behind the reality we create. Our mind is so skilled at complexing that there is even an unconscious mind at work creating solutions for problems that that do not exist. Mind made problems are the result of mind imagination running unchecked by heart imagination.

“Any intelligent fool can make things bigger and more complex… it takes a touch of genius and a lot of courage to move in the opposite direction.” ~ Albert Einstein

Our heart does not image in such complexity.

Our heart imagination is beautiful in its simplicity for the simple reason that our heart is connected to a greater consciousness. Our hearts are the key conduit to our soul and to multitudes of souls who can “hear” us. Our hearts transmit and receive messages non-stop. In using our heart imagination, we are able to communicate heart to heart with others in a way that creates an agreement that feeds the fullness of an imagined future or event. In essence, we are enrolling others in the heartfelt creation of this future or event.

Heart Imagination describes a vision so real it is felt as if it were already reality. We can walk through the vision as if walking through a 3D game exploring anything we can find, overcome, gain experience credits and then claim as ours. We can feel the effect of living this imagined future or event. We can access our spirit and intuition in this heart playground in a way that keeps as us true to our purpose, passion and bliss. Our heart holds the key to the most meaningful adventures we desire and are determined to experience in this life lived. Our heart holds the treasure of our soul — a treasure far greater than material wealth. This is a treasure held in our heart that stays with us as we complete this life, unlike material wealth. This treasure is our accumulated grace, integrity, deeds and growth along with our ever present faith and love. When we access our heart imagination, we are opening our treasure chest for inspiration.

heart mind restored

To be sure, nothing will reach reality if only imagined in our hearts.

There are two critical conditions to manifesting what we imagine. First, with greater coherence and collaboration between our heart and mind there is higher likelihood for our imagination to become reality. We utilize our mind to construct specific intentions from our heart imagination. It is these specific intentions that should direct our thoughts, words and actions. Second, with greater alignment of our intentions with our thoughts, words and actions there is higher likelihood for our imagination to become reality.

Why is this important? Our world today lacks heart. We are all too mental. Our minds stay filled and busy, rarely breaking out of our daily adventures experienced. While the drama seems like it fills the day, it is not fulfilling. Only with a balanced heart and mind can we create new ways of solving problems. Only with heart imagination can we bust through complexity, control and scarcity of resources. Our souls participate in a greater conversation than is heard through the mind. Our souls do not understand national borders, different belief systems or any self-imposed limitations. Our souls speaking through our heart have far more answers than our mind could ever imagine.

To access your heart imagination, begin with a pause. Pause your mind for a moment with the intention to hear another intelligent voice within speaking from your heart.

~ Lane Michel