Today I was thinking about my blog and what felt inspiring in regards to writing and what might be inspirational for others to read. As mother nature would have it we have been experiencing huge amounts of rain with some snow up higher. For the past 2 days the temps dropped and the rain up higher became snow thus an amazing opportunity to get out skate skiing for only my second time this year.

Skate skiing is one of those activities that makes me really happy. There is something about the effort required, being out in a beautiful setting, being alone yet with people. There are no lines to wait in, no danger (with the exception of the very occasional out of control descender) and lots of terrain to explore. I have skated at many different areas and my experience is similar. Sure some have harder trails to navigate or more area to explore but the peace, beauty, quiet and physical challenge is the same everywhere I have gone.

The reason I felt this was worth writing about is that when anyone does something that makes them feel happy especially in the areas of healthy eating, fitness or wellness there are some things that happen physically:

  • Happiness associated with specifically fitness, but could also be healthy eating or a wellness activity, produces a chemical response from our bodies that is uplifting.
  • Happiness associated with the three target areas can also create an increase in energy and raise current resilience levels.
  • It is also associated with a sustained feeling of peace.

These responses don’t last forever but for as long as they do experiencing things in your life that create happiness is well worth the effort it might take. Healthy eating can be approached in a similar way. It makes me happy to go to the store and pick out the things that I know will be good for me and for my family. I like knowing that I am choosing in a very conscience way. I like how I feel when I do my green drink (Power Shake and Kamut) in the morning and forgo all those other options that are available and easy to indulge in yet leave me hungry an hour or so later. I like how it feels when I choose clean fruits and veggies as snacks instead of processed or fat laden options. Small things and it all adds up.

If I make the time to do my morning meditation or write in my gratitude journal I also feel a sense of peace and happiness. Turning on the classical music station does this same thing. My point is that creating opportunities in your life to feel happy may require a plan, some discipline and a clear picture of what it is that really lights you up.

That is how skate skiing felt for me today. The perfect activity on the perfect day with time allowed to enjoy the activity for as short or as long as I felt was right. I encourage you to explore what kinds of things make you feel happy when it comes to a healthy lifestyle. For more information and ideas like this visit

~ Coach Laurie Bagley