A feeling of joy from something outside ourselves is momentary. But, a feeling of joy that we get from something inside is everlasting.

This kind of joy comes from our whole being.  Physically the biochemical, immune and hormonal, affects move us into renewing energy.  Our emotions renew as well, moving more easily into the lighter and uplifting feelings that sustain positive thinking.  Our mind seems to more quickly spot what is right and good in both others and our self.  An altruistic sense of our world in that time raises us to feel a power greater than just our parts as if emanating from something greater in spirit.  In total, our whole being is lit up and magnified.

Appreciation, gratitude, compassion and caring deeply felt for our self or others is able to sustain all of the desirable affects of happiness. In fact, scientific studies have now shown that the neurons residing within our heart activate in such deeply felt emotions.  This activation sends a signal to our brain that causes a flood of physical and emotional reactions that could easily be described as ecstatic and joyful.

The Goodness in Happiness

There is just something different about being truly happy. The truth is a happier life is a choice. Being happy starts with knowing what is good inside us and then is sustained through the habits we create to be happy.

Our power to be happy is sparked through understanding these nine qualities:

Humility: I demonstrate courtesy, kindness and awareness of others at all times.

Acceptance: I do my best always and accept that it may not be good enough.

Perseverance: I see mistakes as a time to exercise my courage and press on.

Patience: I can remain calm and patient when it is not my time to act.

Impeccability: I am clear that being impeccable protects me.

Nurturance: I know that supporting another person also heals and helps me.

Enthusiasm: I am not afraid to be enthusiastic and show it!

Sensitivity: I know that acting in compassion disarms defensive, uncaring people.

Strength: I am clear what to stand for and what not to fall for.

Purposeful Happiness

Much attention is given appropriately to finding and living our purpose as a foundation for happiness. When we are aware of our reason for living, the choices we face take on greater significance.  At the same time, these choices have less power over us.  Fears can be put into perspective.  We summon up courage and vitality to move through difficult times which carries us forward to achieve life purpose.

As a child, we begin life only living our reason, our purpose, for living.  It is when we grow up that we forget our purpose as we have to face the daily adventures and responsibilities that naturally come with age. Daily living eclipses our memory of the real reason why we wake up each next day.

Finding our purpose can be achieved through recalling our childhood passions.  Personal purpose can be rediscovered through remembering times in our life when we felt the most successful and then exploring why in increasingly deeper layers.  Purpose can also be deduced through recognizing patterns in the kind of people and activities we spend our time on over a long period of time.

Happiness is an Inside Job

In this world of “haves” and “have nots” we can associate happiness with things we have or don’t have, or relationships we have or don’t have, or simple a life we have or don’t have.  Far too often, we look to the flaws in our self and others to distinguish good and bad.  We compare and contrast constantly.  We become competitive in varying degrees.  Our judgment reinforces that we must have more.  And therefore we never have enough.

The very pursuit of more is not bad.  The pursuit of more to possess more disconnected from our goodness and purpose however only leads to unhappiness.  Said another way, the illusion of having more is one of the greatest misbeliefs that perpetuates strongly from generation to generation today.

To know what we need to have more of, we need the context for what will deliver true happiness. True happiness is what we will feel in our whole being (spirit, emotions, mind and body).  Every one of us has to discern what will make us happy inside.  No one is going to answer that question for us.  Happiness is an inside job. We have to experience our unique version of happiness to know it.

~ Coach Lane Michel