In order to step into power, be grateful.

Being grateful is the one variable that can be controlled in our daily life. It is the one thing that can be done to transform negative into positive. Feeling grateful changes our behavior. Acting grateful changes how everyone and everything responds to us.

The Power of Gratefulness

We may believe we have no choices. Which is wrong. In every moment of our life we always have at least one choice: what are we grateful for in that moment? No one, no thing, can take the choice to be grateful away from us. That is true power. A power that no one and no thing can prevent from shifting the next moment of life.

We don’t have to struggle to remember a time in our life we felt instant delight when something of great value was unexpectedly given to us. Without thinking, our reaction of delight was “being grateful.” The giver could feel our delight. An exchange of energy happened that shared the grateful feeling for at least just that delightful moment.

David Steindl-Rast in his TEDTalk presentation of June 2013 expressed that we all share a common goal no matter our differences: we want to be happy. Happiness can only come from being grateful. Being grateful is recognizing a gift of value received. At the most simple level, every moment we have on Earth is a gift. We don’t know if we will have another moment after this one. So, each moment is an opportunity. We choose how we live each of our life moments. To live gratefully, David said that we only need remember the same three steps we were taught as a child to safely cross a street: stop, look and go. This is beautifully simple:

STOP – pause, create a stop sign in your mind, move out of reaction and into a conscious moment to allow you to…
LOOK – open yourself to the opportunities in that moment, listen to your own inner voice for what gift is being presented to you in that moment, and then…
GO – choose to do something with that moment of opportunity, shift the negative to positive, express gratitude for the positive.

When we are ready to choose a happier and more fulfilling life, the best way to start is by being grateful. In that moment of readiness to change, we a guaranteed a better life when the power of our choice has a foundation of gratitude.

~ Coach Lane Michel