Love is an action. We spend much of our time trying to “figure out” love, wanting what we don’t have yet. It is our deeds that show our love, more than any words or thoughts. It is the action of love that brings us love. That’s the challenge with love.


You meet this challenge through the 4 Ways to Get Love Done:

1. Pause

2. Give hugs

3. Speak Caring Words

4. Know Your Intentions


If we don’t really know what love is, isn’t it better to just not go there?  Isn’t it wiser to play it safe and protect ourselves from the embarrassment? It’s the sheer embarrassment of stumbling into unknown spiritual and emotional territory that blinds us to love. Love cannot be reasoned.  Love is elusive like mercury, which as metal is a liquid that flows with its own unique properties. Love flows. Love cannot be easily contained. It’s pretty shiny too. We want it for many reasons. But, love’s unique properties make it impossible to control.

When we try to talk about love, it’s like a toddler trying to form his or her first full sentences. It can be cute, frustrating to experience, but still a funny string of unintelligible syllables. Which is pretty much the state of what we humans know about love today.

“Today, when we speak of love it feels like we are toddlers putting together a string of unintelligible syllables.”

Get love done

Quit it. The inability to understand love is one excuse for doing nothing. The inability to control the effects of love within or around us is another. Every time we try to explain our love there seems to be no language in any language to describe love. At best, we have quotes from poets that capture a pang in our heart we feel is love. A long list of blogs, books and research papers attempt to categorize love, explain its nature, or elevate love to a level of benign acceptance. We are toddlers stumbling through a world that is love.  We can only begin to sense love but have little mental and physical capability to navigate through our love-world.  Today, there are limits to love on Earth. People are paralyzed by the idea of trusting and flowing with love. We too easily operate from a place of fear.

Fear is dis-empowering. It is a far greater limit to human potential than stumbling through love. Fear is allowing control over our ability to choose. Love conquers when it is put into action. Fear prevents that action.

“When our calm determination that comes only from love eclipses righteous anger responses, we will know peace.”

Right now. Don’t like being compared to a toddler when considering how you think, speak and act with love?  Too bad.  It’s the truth and only ego doesn’t like truth when there is something to fear from truth. Toddlers have no choice but to go forward as a clunky, awkward, mistake-bound ball of love. The purity of a child is a great teacher. Everything is about “right now”.  Love needs that “right now” drive. Get love done.


4 Ways to Get Love Done

Get love done

Pause. There is only one place to start. Your heart knows love. Your head will always be behind. When some kindness touches your heart, there is love. When another’s compassion or selfless service makes you pause, your heart is overriding your mind to support love. Your heart is transmitting your intentions, thoughts and feelings all day long. It is also receiving the same from everyone around you. When you feel kindness, care, or compassion, then pause and give it attention. That pause is action. That kind of pause has been proven by science to start a cascade of positive changes in your being that can make you more receptive to love.  This pause is the most important action to begin to live in love.

Give hugs. Your body senses love and responds positively to it. Goosebumps are your body’s acknowledgement of love. It’s your physical response to something deeply touching or deeply affecting you. Get your body into love action. Experience more goosebumps.  Dancing is a flow of love. Smiling and laughing joyfully from the belly is expressing love. Taking care of your body as the temple of your soul, a vessel for you to accomplish why you are here, is self-love. Hugging another for just a second longer than usual is connecting physically with love.

Speak caring words.  Your mind isn’t going to figure out what love is.  Your mind won’t know how to put the right words together to exactly express what your heart or body knows about love. And everyone pretty much gets that our spirit wants only love but has a very difficult time getting through to our busy, critical, fearful minds. The override for the busy mind is simple: make choices and mistakes that fit your heart better than your fears and thoughts. Yes, make mistakes. And do it with gusto!  Toddlers only learn to be fully functioning adolescents through their curiosity to interact with a world that doesn’t understand them. The best way to speak in love is to talk about caring, connection and compassion. Love flows through our relationships with family, friends and strangers. That’s why random words of kindness work. Stumble through expressing your love.  You will find more support than you might think.

Know your intentions. Love brings people together, even when they are all oblivious to it. Love doesn’t need conscious thought or words to be. Love is working through our spirit with a common language that cannot be spoken. Intentions can access this mysterious love language. When our intentions are pure, for good and spirit uplifting, then we are closer to getting love done. Make a conscious choice to set intentions, to affirm them and then learn from the mistakes that will surely arise out of those choices. An intention to “be there and be love” is a simple and profound way to put love into action. You don’t need to know what to do. You just need to know that you will be present and connected in whatever way you can at the moment.

You and I already have the wisdom within to grow love every day.  Our masculine side needs to just “get ‘r done!”  Our feminine side needs to step up through spirit, emotion, mind and body to put love into action. Enjoy your clumsy love days, then life will be so much more abundant.

Get love done

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~ Coach Lane Michel


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