Get Energized


The only new territory for exponential growth is people.

Engaging, empowering and then energizing people fuels growth in positive ways often never anticipated.


Key Principles

  • Forward-thinking companies empower self-managed teams.
  • Goals become about achieving both results AND fulfillment.
  • Employees demand an experience, not a just career.
  • Employee experience is engaging the whole being – spirit, emotion, mind and body.
  • When their heart is engaged, people are more resilient and make better choices.


Believe it to see it

The Get Energized! Program


Coaches and trainers utilize VeraHeart program materials, facilitation process and coaching tools to work with groups of people.

The topics covered in varying degrees based on group needs are:

  1. Gratitude & Appreciation Are Fuel
  2. Emotions Modulate Your Power
    – Feeling Depleted & Renewed
    – Heartfelt Choices
  3. Pause for Choice
  4. Beliefs Direct Power
  5. Empathy & Love in Action
  6. Speak Your Truth
  7. Delivering on Your Intentions
  8. Attraction Action
  9. Role Models & Mentors

Move employees and teams from dis-engagement to authentic empowerment. Unleash new performance, superior results, by inviting people to engage, build their energy and then work more cohesively together toward fluid, common goals.