In today’s high-velocity, time-crunched world, the ability to be resilient, reduce stress and maintain a positive mindset is no longer an option. It is a necessary part of our life toolkit. Leaders are looking for that next best practice, that point of leverage, that way to meet the demands they face with the impact they desire. Be it leading teams, organizations or their own lives in a high-performing way, I speak to leaders every day that are asking – “What attributes should I be developing? What will give me the edge and the energy to be, or remain, one step ahead?” Enter the new field of Heart Intelligence or HQ

First came IQ, the standard world of “smarts”, and the domination of the role our brains and minds play in a world focused on skills and productivity. Then came EQ, or Emotional Intelligence, and people took notice as we discovered that the attributes of EQ are what we truly care about and are moved by. EQ is the capacity to understand people, motivate them and bring out their best…especially under pressure. Which in today’s world, there is no shortage of. When we think of great leaders, sports coaches or personas of global influence like Gandhi or Mandela we are moved by their apparent level of EQ. And now, there is undeniable research that proves our next frontier is HQ, or Heart Intelligence.

HQ is a flow of presence, awareness, understanding and intuition that starts from the heart and sends messages to the brain creating an alignment, or coherence, between the mind and emotions. It turns out that the heart is actually the aligning power between mind and emotions and is often privy to knowledge, wisdom, solutions and threats long before the mind. It’s the level of intelligence that we often overlook as perception, and not necessarily as “real”. It is the realm of, not only intuition, but also instinct, inspiration, and, most importantly, INSIGHT. This is a super power that everyone needs more access to for anything from clear, split second decisions that change lives, to larger visions of meaning, purpose and creativity. But HOW do we access it? Where does it come from? Why do we “feel” it in our bodies when we get tapped into its power?

Over the next few weeks I will answer these questions and many more as I dive deeper into the field of Heart intelligence and share with you the What, How, and Why of HQ. For now, breathe deep, relax and be free to receive the HQ messages that stream in wearing the guise of intuition or deep knowing. Turns out that “follow your heart” has more meaning than we knew.