The search for hope is growing stronger again in our world. People seem to be looking in the wrong place for hope. We by and large started life with unlimited hope. We dreamed all day long. Our imaginations took us to places fantastic, exciting and purposeful. We could live with setbacks; experience them and then move on to the next dream.


Curiosity to Renew Hope

The only limits to hope as a child were delivered through life experiences. At an early age, life began teaching us that with hope, dreams and imagination comes pain, disappointment and struggle. That is the mistaken view of life learning that confines us all to a perpetual deficit of hope. This is the view where factors outside of us are too negative to overcome. This is also the view of hope as being something requiring immediate positive feedback.

In truth, hope comes from our beliefs. It is a thing so fundamentally within our being. Hope can be seen through others, but that is merely a mirror of what we have within ourselves. Here is another truth: hope needs no evidence to be alive. Hope springs from what we knew as a small child. It springs from a belief in the power we have to shape our world by choice. Hope needs no immediate gratification because hope knows no time. Hope is timeless.

Think of someone you know of, living or passed, that is a role model of hope. What gave them the power to go through all of the sacrifices, struggles and hard work to stay true to their dreams? When they faltered as we all do, what was it that pointed them in a direction they believed was right? If you look deeply and honestly, you will see that hope came from within their beliefs. Their beliefs fed their curiosity and imagination. Their dream and the drive to see their dream manifest emerged through the power of hope.

Renewing hope then may simply mean going back to our childlike sense of curiosity and imagination. By reigniting our adventure to dream we can again imagine what our heart desires. Our core beliefs start filling our thoughts with such positive and hopeful ideas. So, today, maybe spend some time on the playground to dream and renew your hope.

~ Coach Lane Michel