Business Coaching and Consulting

Every client’s specific situation and needs drive our contributions.  We work with our clients as part coach (engaged guides) and part consultant (problem solvers) to exceed expectations. We draw upon our extensive network of coaches and consultants to deliver your impact.

We focus on you and your people. Each of our business services are active elements to creating energy that opens new avenues of personal achievement and business success.

Signature – values, mission, purpose, vision

Leadership — Management by empathy, women in leadership, self-managed organizations

Culture – empathy, diversity & inclusion, achievement, alignment

Happiness – whole being, purpose, positivity, achievement behavior

Resilience – Human Energy, breath, clearing, stress management, wellness

Emotional Intelligence (EQ) – Heart intelligence, intuition, speaking truth

Mindfulness — Presence, meditation, productivity boosters, well-being

Communication – Pause for Choice, active and energetic listening, team building

Business Coaching and Consulting

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We will work with you to assess and tailor our program to meet your needs.

Energizing People and Teams

People increasingly want to be more true to their purpose and passion for life. Discord at work, home or in our community depletes our energy.  Living each day more aware, coherent and in alignment with why we are alive renews our spirit, mind, emotions and body.  Pursuing happiness becomes secondary to living purposefully and powerfully. Understanding our personal energy system and power to choose the life we want provides the tools to live a more fulfilling life. Experiential workshops, event and coaching combinations energize people like never before.

Transformational Team Building

Teams don’t just need to function better, they need to be transformed to work in a crazy, cool and constantly changing world.  Transformation requires working with individuals as a part of a team aligned to the organization served.  Transformation must be heart-centered and mindful.  Teambuilding necessarily takes on a new paradigm.  The team’s energy once found is moved to direct the power of the individuals to unleash never before imagined results.

Active Resilience Building

Managing stress is obsolete.  Building resilience and choosing eustress over distress are the key to thriving.  At the intersection of science, technology and skills development we help you and yoru people increase your energy, heighten creativity and innovation, improve health and vitality.  Based on more than 25 years of published research on the science of resilience mostly led by HeartMath, our program provides a powerful shift in personal and organizational energy. This best-in-class program is used by the US Navy, hospital systems and Fortune 500 companies worldwide.

Wellness Plus Power Building

Wellness is the journey of getting and staying healthy. At the core of our wellness program is personal Power. This Power enables accountability and confidence, creating an accumulation of successes for each program participant. Wellness components often include physical health (weight management, nutrition, heart disease, diabetes, and fitness), mental clarity, emotional resiliency and personal energy management. Our innovative approach to Wellness is evidence-based for both individuals and your organization.  We implement multiple systems to follow progress. The combination of our content, expertise, live training, coaching, neuroscience technology and dashboards all make our program both proven and new at the same time.

Executive Coaching

Our coaches guide discovery and harnessing of core decisions, behaviors and accountability required to achieve the success you feel is possible. Many leaders are achieving results and yet feel unfulfilled.  We always address personal and organizational “signatures” that unlock the reason why you exist, the reason why you will achieve something more than business results. We also get organizations moving faster through “directionally right, roughly correct” actions that put you on top of a dynamic world.

Personal Coaching

The most profound personal growth happens when you build the pyramid of success whose foundation is awareness and then alignment of our beliefs and truth.  Only then can our relationships reinforce the changes we pursue for improvement.  As successes accumulate, our personal power increases and self-esteem rises.  We are energized and begin to live more of our whole being.  Spirit, mind, emotions and body collaborate to live the fulfilling life we dreamed. Our coaches navigate the pyramid with you, challenging you to go farther and deeper to be live your heart adventure.