The Art of Self-Love is both powerful and confounding in the same moment, as we’re taught it’s alright to love yourself, just not too much.

In fact, the dictionary defines self-love to be an act of egotism. Nothing could be more wrong on so many levels. The key to becoming better, and the better becoming delicious, all begins with the simple act of really loving ourselves. In varying moments, we can turn our attention inward focusing on the center of who we are at our core: a bright, brilliant ball of love and light. Take a few moments to tune in now, feel the love at the very center of your being and see light infusing each and every cell with love, filling you up from top to bottom and back again, allowing it to flow out your fingertips and your toes. Do you feel that, the love and light from a powerful essence within yourself?

The Art of Self Love

Take a moment every day to refill your reservoir and allow it to just flow from beyond you into every one who crosses your path, no matter where you are. Learn this trick and you will soon see you are kinder to yourself daily with more clarity and consciousness. Emotions like self-loathing, injustices, guilt, anger, pieces of worn out habits of anything less than love will begin to drain away. In fact, anything that no longer serves us will not be able to line up in this new vibration of love and will be forced out.

We become love in action, learning to allow others to be who they are without bringing any of their negativity into our sphere of self-love.  They too fall away as we begin to shine light into the shadows of life, illuminating it from within. As we begin to get love done from our unique lens of life we become leaders for others to follow by simply just being who we are. Love.

~ Coach Karen Sullivan, CHt. C,LAC, CLC


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