You increasingly want to be truer to your purpose and have a passion for life.

Discord at work, home or in your community depletes your energy. Living each day more aware, coherent and in alignment with why you are alive renews your spirit, mind, emotions and body.

Pursuing happiness becomes secondary to living purposefully and powerfully. Understanding both your personal energy system and your power to choose the life you want provides the tools to live a more fulfilling life.

Purpose is a magnetic to the support, wisdom and relationships that collaborate with you to live a fulfilling life. If you pay more attention to your purpose compass, then you will feel more powerful and confident. Your choices will accumulate more clearly into a life you could not even imagine. Achieving superior results individually and collectively will become your vibe. Your story. Your legacy.


Search for Your Signature Purpose

You came to this life for a reason. It’s not random. It’s intentional. It’s so much a part of you that it is fundamentally your signature. No one has your purpose.  No one can duplicate who, what, how you live. Own that.  Own it so boldly that you declare that you will search for your signature purpose until it unfolds right in front of your own eyes.  The first spark is to make a written intention statement, “I live my purpose every day in every way clearly.” Then keep your eyes, ears and heart open to what you attract.


Identify Your Patterns of Success

The second spark is to recall five or more times in your life where you truly felt successful. Don’t over analyze this.  Make it a stream of thought.  Write down each of these success points.  What happened? How did you feel? What did that open?  Raise up to see the bigger picture.  There is a pattern of choices, behaviors and feelings that will be exposed that relate directly to your life purpose. Connect those dots.



Define Your Values as the Pillars that Bring Purpose to Life

The third spark takes you to the core of what makes you go in any direction.  Your core values are your life compass. If you haven’t written a list of your top five values in the last year, do that now.  Next, go ask three people close to you to name your top five values in life. If they get stuck, tell them you want to know what really drives your choices and behaviors. That will get you a list of more than five values for sure! Combine these lists and then choose what you believe are the personal values you live by today.


Align Purpose & Values with Your Heart

Your heart creates the fourth spark. Tune in. This is not woo-woo crap. Peer-reviewed, repeatable scientific research has demonstrated that your heart is absolutely key to regulating decisions, emotions and non-local intuition. When your choices are misaligned with your values and purpose, the dissonance created can be measured through tools like HRV (heart rate variability) and biological (physical) response.  The best lie detector is your heart. You are just going to have to breath, speak the values list you created for yourself, and then feel through your heart for alignment.  Witness yourself and your choices.  Are they consistent with what you believe to be your purpose and values? Make a list of what and where you need to be better aligned.

Visualize, Imagine, Ignite Your Purpose

Now it’s time to have some real fun!  Spark Five takes you on a journey to visualize, imagine and dream how you might ignite your power to live that magnificent unique purpose you came to this life to live.  The past brought you to this very moment. The past does NOT dictate the next moment.  Go to your most creative space. Don’t have one? No worries! Simply get out of the space you spend the most time. Go for a drive, a walk, a hike, or a trip. Read a different book. Shake up your routine. Take a few deep slow breaths.  Visualize a light bulb ignited to over your head.  Start recording the images, sounds, emotions and words that flow.  Resist analyzing anything. Let it be a HOT MESS!

Build Your Purposeful Vision

You are now fully under construction. The design has always been there and now you know something more about your purpose-design.  The sixth spark is your time to build, build, build.  This is not a chore like other work-in-progress toiling.  This is not a labor that exhausts.  Maybe for the first time in your life you will experience the exhilaration of doing what you love.  The fulfillment of feeling passion sustained more than five minutes. Create a vision board, a physical representation or visible symbol for your purpose-design. You are depicting what, how and where you will choose to live purpose.  Let the energy of the “hot mess” from step five flow right into the choices and (finally) logic in this step. Don’t seek anyone’s approval or feedback. Their opinions are completely irrelevant at best.


Authentically Live from Your Purpose

The final spark, number seven, takes as much courage as the first. Maybe more. Living an authentic life means aligning your choices on even the most mundane life situations to what you now believe, know and feel your purpose to be. Being authentic means being honest with all the emotions you experience now, from the depleting to the renewing emotions. Being authentic means speaking your truth, no longer placating others or hiding. Being authentic means choosing and re-choosing repeatedly to live integral with the reason you were born to this life.


Lock-In Your Spark, Power Up Your Purpose

I know that when you commit yourself to the seven (7) steps to spark your purpose, you will feel a power that is unfamiliar. Further, you will have changed your life. The patterns of your successes will continue to grow in ways you did not imagine.

These are the key principles to remember now:

  • Passion alone won’t sustain your greatest power.
  • Purpose is what animates and impels people to go beyond limiting beliefs.
  • Patterns to people’s choices quickly help discover, remember and define purpose.
  • Your daily life will eclipse your purposeful life if left unchecked, unchosen.
  • Directionally right, roughly correct keeps your purpose on course.