Springtime renewal is a unique opportunity to take care of yourself.


3 Real Renewals for Results

A pause taken as we enter the Spring to energize everything you are puts you on a course for harvesting big rewards. Three lively acts really refresh and charge up your results.

  • Clear the clutter
  • Plant imagination seeds
  • Light it up!

Clear the Clutter

It’s kind of difficult to create new growth when there is a lot of debris, unfinished business, unkempt spaces around where you work and live. Even the super-organized folks still have stuff to look at for spring cleaning.  Those files, household items, miscellaneous things that never get touched or remembered but take up space need to move out. Plants that are struggling, unhappy or expired need to be removed. Winter clothes, tools and the things that accumulate in your car need to be put away for a few seasons.  Who needs reminders of Winter right now?

3 Real Renewals for Results

Clearing your space is not only a physical activity. Although just that exercise of clearing is very renewing, it is equally important to clear your mind clutter.  The simplest way I know to do that is to choose one new mindfulness practice to make a part of your daily routine.  Breathing techniques are a perfect example. Inserting heart-focused slow deep breathing for even just five minutes in the morning before you get busy with your day completely shifts your energy at the get-go. Clearing your mind clutter also requires attention on the constant stream of negative back-chatter. You know what that is: the little unhappy voice in the back of your head that wants to find the problem in anything experienced. Make a list of all the ways you notice this mental garbage to be taken out. Then take that list out to the garbage! I enjoy burning my list.

Plant Imagination Seeds

Spring invokes a lightness of being, dancing, smiles, new growth sprouting, warm rain and new projects. Why not take our world’s natural cycle to another level?  “Make it new and different” becomes my theme. I challenge myself and my team with “not doing it the same way as we did before.”  Engage your imagination, creativity and intuition in a lively flow of new ideas, exploration of dreams and re-ignite the spark of your heart adventure (your whole purpose for what you are and what you do).

3 Real Renewals for Results

For me, this kind of imagination is tactile and can be captured with vision boards, mindscaping, mind maps, journey maps or painting a new picture. For others, it’s a time of being a “Realizer” by picking a dream then going out of the box to plan how they might bring that dream to life with no limitations. Everyone can remember a time of putting a dream into action in a very personal way. Do that again. Plant the seeds of a new big idea or dream with all the hopes, positive belief and fun you felt when you have been your most successful.

Light It Up!

The unique thing nature teaches us in the Spring is that what has been dormant over the Winter lifts itself to life by design. Reaching up to the light, plants go through miraculous changes and stretch themselves to their limits to rise above ground. It’s time now to light up your life and work like never before. Everything around you wants to collaborate in your renewal. The expectation in the air is success.

3 Real Renewals for Results

Your voice carries a message beyond your words. Your whole essence, energy and intention can be subconsciously felt. Light up your voice! Give more energy to your words. Pronounce words with the clarity of Spring. The time now is about forward movement, big expectations for growth and energizing your plans. Listen to yourself speak. Is your voice carrying your message? Are you inspiring others to renew and refresh just by being an example?

The seeds you planted need to be lit up. What specific action are you taking to realize your new idea?  Can you honestly say that you have “excited accountability” for your imagined success? Add one more small step to your daily routine: Keep an image, words or representation of the seed you planted in a very lighted place that you see throughout the day. Program your mind to initiate a deep breath, feel the power of your big idea and believe it. Lighting up your life is about living “believe it to see it”

It’s time now to do what brings you, your team and your family the real results of renewal.