Shereen Eltobgy

“Great leaders create great cultures where people thrive & flourish. Three key attributes of a high impact leader are: Presence, Positive Intention, Personal Responsibility. Leading from that place cultivates greatness in others. “
— Shereen Eltobgy, DH Coachsultant



In today’s high velocity, tumultuous world, your teams need you to be here fully – ready to listen, lead, receive, give, and co-create in the moment. Great leaders bring their insights from the past to the present moment to create the next powerful step in their visionary future.


Now, more than ever, your teams need you and their organization as a whole to lean in to the positive mindset. We are not here to solve blame. We must unite to solve problems. Your capacity to be intentional in your thoughts, words, and actions (and to choose the positive), makes the difference between barely surviving and flourishing.


Personal responsibility is accountability at the highest level. Own your role and reaction to any situation, even in a national or global predicament. Always take responsibility for your part, even if that simply means how you choose to think and speak about the situation. Think presence(who & how do I want to be, now?), and positive intention (What is the thought, word or action that serves me and my organization the most?).


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